Lily’s Lost Album

Elizabeth (Lily) Fetherstonhaugh was born in 1854 soon after her father’s cousin Cuthbert, aka ‘The Governor’ (b1803), had migrated to Australia. She was the daughter of the Rev. Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh (b1812) and Eliza Hurst.

Lily had a very extensive photo album comprising over 100 Carte de Vista and Cabinet photos. This album forms an important record of a number of the Irish Fetherstonhaugh branches, including the Clibborns and the Elands, and was bought be Dawn Scotting on an online trade site in Canterbury New Zealand. Dawn bought the album with the aim of returning it to a family member and, in the process, undertook the mammoth effort of also identifying the people in the album’s photos, most of whom are cousins and 2nd cousins of Cuthbert, the Governor. The album now belongs to Bridget Robinson in Canada. Bridget is a Clibborn descendant and has given permission for the reproduction of the photos on this webpage. Other photos in Lily’s album that represent the Grouse Lodge line appear on that webpage.

Lily’s parents were Rev. Cuthbert Holmes Fetherstonhaugh and Eliza Hurst (below). These photos are estimated to have been taken between 1877 and 1882.

Lily (below in 1863) had three older sisters – Annie born 1845, Emily (1850-1916), and Sarah Clibborn (1844-1927); and two brothers Cuthbert Holmes (1851 -1903) and Richard (Dick, 1855 – 1924). Below are photos of Dick, Lily, Emily and Cuthbert.

Below is some research findings from Dawn Scotting regarding details of the family and the schooling of Cuthbert Holmes, his brother Richard and other family members at Christ’s Hospital, a boys school.

The photo below shows Lily at the front looking at the camera. Although the other young women are not identified, the person centre back has a strong resemblance to other photos of her sister Sarah Clibborn, and the woman to the right of Lily looks like Emily. Lily remained unmarried and died in 1934, aged 80.

Lily’s sister Sarah Clibborn Fetherstonhaugh married Francis Simeon Eland in 1868 at St Peter’s Church Dublin and in 1877 filed for divorce in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sarah was well travelled. One of her photos below was taken in Paris, she was born & married in Ireland, divorced in America, lived in Surrey in 1891, and was back living in Co. Wicklow in 1923 before she died in England in Southampton in 1927 aged 83. It seems that along with the longevity gene, the travel gene was also strong amongst the Fetherstonhaughs, and was not impeded by gender.

The handsome Richard (Dick) was the youngest of Lily’s siblings. He was married late in life at 38 to the lovely Caroline Bishop who was 13 years his junior. Below are their photographs, Dick and Caroline’s marriage certificate and their headstone in St Paul’s Churchyard, Starcross, Teignbridge, Devon.

Lily’s sister Annie married William Cardew and appears heavily pregnant, below.

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